Download the demo video here!

VFXTracker is a Plugin filter / application combination for tracking and exporting visual fx and optical clips.

  • Tag visual effects clips in your sequence using the VFXINFO filter.

  • Give shots IDs, names, and descriptions- customized to fit YOUR workflow.

  • The VFXINFO plugin works even when it is disabled. This makes it invisible to the editor and eliminates the need for rendering.

  • Compare changes between any version of the cut and get a detailed report on changes, additions and deletions.

  • Export all data in a flat file format for importation into File Maker Pro or any other database program.

  • VFXTracker works with your existing visual effects database.

  • Print out pristine visual effects scan orders and shot lists.

  • With just the click of a mouse, turn on and off guide clip subtitles for guide clip exports.

  • Save literally hundreds of hours normally wasted looking for and comparing VFX elements.